Lindsay Lawlor Makes It Official With The Eagles


The journey to play college volleyball is different for every player. If each path and direction for all of these athletes were the same, it wouldn’t be any fun and would be far less rewarding than watching each athlete pursue their own dreams in their own way, determining what the future of their volleyball and long-term career will look like. Lindsay Lawlor has put in the time, effort, and consideration to find a great fit for her college career in Judson University. Congratulations Lindsay!

I made my decision because every time I went to visit I felt at home,” said Lawlor. “I chose Judson University because they offer many opportunities for research for science majors and the access to the Deaf community.”

What her college career looks like is not defined by the experience or the volleyball, but by the opportunity to be in a place that will allow her to pursue her passion.

I am really excited about getting involved in the Deaf community,” explained Lawlor. She intends to pursue a degree in Biochemistry.

Lindsay has a lot of advice for those going through the recruiting process, which can often be frustrating and sometimes disheartening. But there are steps you can take to help.

“Start early and don’t get frustrated if someone doesn’t need your position,” she explains. “And keep an open mind. You’ll end up right where God wants you.

More important in her mind than level of play, what team you’re on, or any other standard things about club is her level of fitness.

One thing that has prepared me for college volleyball is conditioning and working out,” she says. “It gets harder as you go up and being conditioned is definitely going to help. I want to thank God, my whole family, and all my coaches who have supported me in this whole process.”

Congratulations again Lindsay! We are ecstatic to have been apart of your journey and we can’t wait to see where your journey takes you. Any player interested in college playing opportunities or discussing options should contact recruiting coordinator, Michelle Coleman (