gabby smith

Gabby Smith Going East To Be A Wildcat


Sometimes, the path to finding the perfect school and fit takes some time. A player can go through a lot of frustration and stress trying to find that place that not only wants them, but where they want to be. However, once everything falls into place, it seems like the easiest decision possible. When you love the campus, the program, and the location, it can feel as if this is exactly what you were waiting for the whole time. It just takes a little time! Gabby Smith fell in love with the University of New Hampshire, and we love that she made the decision to join the Wildcats! Congratulations Gabby!

“I made my college decision after I had visited several schools,” explained Smith. “When I visited UNH, I just loved it based on every aspect of it. The campus was gorgeous, the team was very welcoming, and the academics were great. After weighing out the pros and cons of each school, UNH was the best option for me.”

She certainly did not make the decision to move east on a whim, but it helped that she felt welcome and wanted.

“The reason I chose UNH was mostly because the coach has a lot of faith in me,” she said. “When a coach is very interested in you, it says a lot. The players had told me how they loved their major and how their professors were great which is very important to me as well. But right when I saw the campus and the atmosphere, I just knew that this was the place for me.”

Gabby preached patience in the recruiting process. It can be stressful and frustrating, but once all of the pieces fall into place, it can be life changing.

Smith explained, “My advice for those going through the recruiting process is to be patient. Things may not always go your way, but as long as you are hardworking and confident your opportunity will come.”

Gabby doesn’t know yet exactly what she wants to do for a major, but she is looking to do something in the realm of physical therapy. Fortunately, UNH has a strong academic record and can help her get into the right career path.

In order to prepare herself for the next level, Smith had to work hard both on and off the court. She explained that you can’t take days off.

“The one thing that has prepared me the most in college is the hard work that my coaches have taught me,” she said. “Throughout college volleyball I know things are going to be hard, but as long as I give all my effort and work hard I will overcome those challenges.”

Smith puts in the work everyday, always asking questions and trying to find ways to get better, for both herself and her teammates. We know that she’s going to have an incredibly successful career at New Hampshire and could not be more proud of what she’s accomplished so far! We are rooting for you, Gabby! We’re proud of you!
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