We have been training some of Indiana’s most elite athletes since Team Indiana was founded in 2004, and can’t wait for another great year. We want YOU to be a part of it!

Below you will find a wide range of common questions that are asked regarding Team Indiana, our policies, tryouts and philosophy. Although we have made an effort to help identify some of the questions and concerns you may have, we understand that we have not covered all of them. If you need any additional information or have any further questions, we invite you to contact us at 317.354.0570 or webmaster@teamindianavolleyball.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Team Indiana is a volleyball club that is dedicated to the skill development of young female athletes ranging in ages from 8u-18u. We host our club season from December through the end of March or the end of June (depending on team placement). We also offer summer camps and fall clinics along with private lessons year round.

Team Indiana is dedicated to the cultivation of developmental skills in young players and providing opportunities for girls and boys to grow as individuals as well as elite volleyball players.

ABSOLUTELY!  And no one does it like our dedicated Recruiting Coordinator, Michelle Coleman, does!  She has been working hard and assisted over 200 Team Indiana athletes pursue their dreams of playing at the collegiate level since 2007! Team Indiana takes pride in providing one source for our athletes, our families and college coaches throughout the entire recruiting process. To date, every athlete that has wanted to play in college has been provided the opportunity to do so – a 100% success rate!  Our college recruiting assistance is incomparable.

Team Indiana has one of the most experienced coaching staffs in the state of Indiana. We recruit, hire, train and retain the most dedicated coaches available. We offer training to all of our coaches year-round. The most important aspect of our staff is that all of our Team Indiana coaches make a commitment to serve the mission of our organization. There may be some changes with the coaching staff based on the IHSAA rules.

We understand that playing club volleyball is a significant financial commitment and want to provide our families multiple options to select what is ideal for their situation. We provide opportunities for our families and athletes over 15 to work off club dues in a variety of ways throughout the season and will work with families to create a financial plan that works for all parties. We offer family & military discounts – contact us to see if you are eligible.

Review the complete listing of pricing by age group and payment plans.

Club dues cover practices, insurance coverage, on-court coaching & college recruiting assistance (high school aged athletes). It does NOT cover playing time at tournaments. Of course, everyone wants to play as much as possible in competitive matches, but in terms of player development, time spent in practice is more valuable than match time.

In addition to club dues, tournament fees (divided by all players on the team) & coaches travel (divided by all players on the team) will be added to your monthly installment. These things will be in detail on your statement so that you know exactly where your money is going. Outside of your monthly installments, you will incur cost for your travel, AAU and/or USAV membership, required player pack items and any custom team spirit wear you choose to purchase. Even if you choose to pay club dues up front you will still receive monthly installments to cover expenses listed above.

Invoices are emailed on a monthly basis. You can pay your bill online with a credit card, via check, or cash. The club dues can be paid up front with a 5% discount, but tournament fees and travel expenses will still be billed on each installment.

Tryouts will consist of physical testing, skill testing and game situations. Each age division tryout will be different based on needs and number of athletes trying out. Team Indiana’s tryout process is different than several area clubs in the fact that we do not give out offers or bids. We assume that every player going through tryouts wants to participate at Team Indiana. Once a team is  selected, we will make every effort to bring the athletes and their coach(es) together to inform them of their team placement. If this can’t be done by the last night of tryouts, the athletes will receive a phone call or email informing them of their placement. At that time the coach will inform the athlete of the team and the date of the preseason team meeting. If for some reason, we cannot place an athlete on an elite team, they will automatically be placed into the regional program.

We will not be offering open gyms prior to our Elite Prospect Day. We know that high school programs will be kicking off their season prep in early July and want to be mindful of athlete overload.

If you are interested in an 30-minute on court evaluation please contact us.  You are also welcome to request a lesson with one of our coaches,  lesson availability is based on coaches schedules.

Parents are not allowed to watch our Elite Prospect Day to minimize the traffic in our building.

Yes! Athletes have an opportunity to make an Elite team by attending our Elite Prospect Day in July.  While we like to keep core groups together, we are always looking to improve the overall talent. Bottom line…if your daughter deserves to make a top team, she will.

How old will your athlete be on September 1, 2021?  That is the age group she will play in.  If needed reference the Tryout Age Division Table to determine the proper age group.

No.  With the combined tryout process, we will allow the opportunity for athletes in odd numbered age groups (13/15/17s) to play “up”.  We are doing this to create an environment where athletes of like mind and skill can work together to increase their abilities faster and have a better experience.  To help ensure a great experience for all, we still have a full offering of teams in the odd age groups.  We are not allowed to let players play “down” their required age group.  If needed reference the Tryout Age Division Table to determine the proper age group.

We will offer as many Team Indiana Elite and Regional teams as appropriate in each age group based on the number of athletes trying out in each division.  Any athlete that is not placed on a Elite roster will be automatically placed in the regional program (16U & below). In the 17 & 18s age groups we will do everything that we can to place every athlete on a team but we can not guarantee placement in those two age groups.

$175 is due at the time of tryouts. This payment is non-refundable at the time that teams are selected.

If your athlete is chosen for a team, you will forfeit your Tryout Fee if you decide not to play for Team Indiana. If you withdraw after individual team meetings (the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding), you will be responsible for all club dues and team costs for the 2020 club season.

If you chose to withdraw from tryouts, you will receive $50 back from your initial $175 at the conclusion of all age groups tryouts.

Team Indiana offers teams for athletes 10 and under. In the past few years we have had multiple 10u teams, one of which that is dedicated to athletes 8 years and younger. Learn all about our 10U program here!

Yes…Team Indiana does offer private and semi-private lessons throughout the year. If you are interested, please fill out the lesson request form. Please note that your current club coach is not allowed to give anyone lessons on his/her team during the season.

Due to IHSAA rules, a rostered high school athlete may NOT participate in an open gym, practice or scrimmage until their high school season is officially over. This includes but is not limited to lessons with any rostered athletes from a different school.

The Team Indiana Elite teams will travel to a few tournaments that are out of state (Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, etc). It is our goal for all of our Elite teams to finish at a National competition, Junior Olympics or AAUs. All Regional program teams will play locally.

The amount of players for each team will be set during the tryout process and will be determined based on the makeup of each individual team.  For example, if a team were to run a 5-1, a 10 player roster would be suitable for the makeup of that team.  If a team is going to run a 6-2, the roster may have either 11 or 12 players.  On average we like to keep the number close to 10, so we can reduce playing time issues.  Once again, we will do everything possible to place every athlete on a viable team for the 2021 club season.

Practice times and frequency will vary based off of age group and training level during the 2020 season.
Regional level teams practice 4 hours a week. Team Indiana Elite level teams practice 6-8 hours a week (depending on age group). The weekday practice schedule for the Elite teams will be posted by the last weekend of November to aid in planning. The regional team practice schedule will be posted by the last week of December. Please note, weekend practices may be on Saturdays or Sundays.

All Team Indiana practices will be held at the Team Indiana facility.

It is our belief that there are positive benefits to our athletes’ participation in tournaments. Dependent upon the age and competitive level of each team, the number of tournaments in which we participate will vary from team to team. Each Elite team will play in 8 or more tournaments throughout the season. Each coach will discuss each team’s goals with respect to the season and participation in tournaments further at a team meeting held by the head coach. Regional teams will participate in 4-5 local one day tournaments and The TI President’s Day 2 Day Tourney.

Elite team practices will begin after Thanksgiving. The Team Indiana Elite teams will finish at a national competition at the end of June. The Regional Program practices will begin in early January and will finish in March with Shamrock Showdown Event.

Playing time is not guaranteed for anyone. Playing time is earned during practices and is left to the discretion of the coach. Club dues only cover practice times and not playing time. Of course, everyone wants to play as much as possible in competitive matches, but in terms of player development, time spent in practice is more valuable than match time.

Yes, many of our student-athletes participate in more than one sport, especially in our younger age groups. Naturally, as the teams advance to a higher level of competition, we see less of the multi-sport athlete. The most important thing that a multi-sport athlete has to do is communicate with her coach regarding her other sport. Our coaches are willing to work around the athletes schedule if they are up front about conflicts.

We allow families to work in the pro shop or concession stand to help pay for their club dues. Those dates that are available for athletes and parents to work will be sent out to all who sign up at the beginning of the year.

Our customer referral program continues to be a success and we will offer it again for the 2019 club season.  This program is available for all TI families that participated during the 2018 season.  For every athlete that lists the TI family in their tryout registration and competes on a TI team the family will receive a $100 credit on their balance.  The referring TI family will also receive another $100 if their referral is in good standing at the completion of the 2019 season.

  1. No staff members from a particular high school may coach roster players from that high school while school is in session.  High school staff may coach players from other schools at any time, and their own players after the school year has ended.
  2. No more than three players from one high school may play for a single team.
  3. The above rule (number 2) does not apply to seniors, to grade school students or to students who are not on the school’s team.
  4. Athletes may play an outside sport at the same time as they play another sport for their high school.  (You may play Team Indiana Volleyball and school basketball at the same time.)
  5. You may not play Team Indiana Volleyball and high school volleyball at the same time.

Monday, September 30 – 7:00 pm
Monday, October 14 – 7:00 pm
Monday, October 28 – 7:00 pm

Starting in the September, Free Clinics and Open Gyms will also have coaches available to answer questions during the sessions in the mezzanine.