Hardegree Ready To Battle With Knights

It’s always great when you can, as an athlete, walk into a program where you know you are going to have success, play in a great program with great development, and really contribute. It’s even better when you’re able to tie your academic…

Lindsay Lawlor Makes It Official With The Eagles

The journey to play college volleyball is different for every player. If each path and direction for all of these athletes were the same, it wouldn’t be any fun and would be far less rewarding than watching each athlete pursue their own dreams…
gabby smith

Gabby Smith Going East To Be A Wildcat

Sometimes, the path to finding the perfect school and fit takes some time. A player can go through a lot of frustration and stress trying to find that place that not only wants them, but where they want to be. However, once everything falls…

Molly Roeder Battles Her Way To Becoming A Colonel

Did you know that roughly only 1.1% of all female high school volleyball players go on to play division 1 college volleyball? They have to fight through things like positional competition, coaching challenges, a heavy school workload, having…
jamie brown

Jamie Brown Sprouts Into A Sycamore

Playing volleyball requires a ton of time, a ton of commitment, and a lot of personal and physical growth, especially if a player is going to commit to playing for four more years after high school. Sometimes it takes time for an athlete to…

Shively Signs With Sycamores

Making the decision on where to spend the next four years of your life in college, especially during such an influential time, is rarely and easy one! You have to spend a lot of thought to make sure it’s not just the best decision, but that…

Hartley Commits To Being A Colonel

The path to college volleyball is different for every single player. Each high school experience is different, all club volleyball experiences vary, and every single external stimulus can change the direction, perception, and mindset of the…

Cowgur Claws Her Way To Birmingham-Southern

We’ve all heard the phrase before; “there’s no place like home.” Whether or not you have ruby slippers, that feeling of home can be extremely important when thinking about your next big step. When selecting a college volleyball program,…
michaela eells

Michaela Eells Thunders Her Way To Trine

No two paths to playing college volleyball are the same. There are many variables that come in to play, including injury, that may divert a player from their ultimate goal. That is why it is even more rewarding to see Michaela Eells achieve…
julia patras

Julia Patras Continuing Her Career at DePauw

For every player who wants to go play college volleyball, different things are important. Thinking through all of the different options and then finding the perfect school to match can be a burden, which is why we are always so excited when…
abbey richman wofford

Abbey Richman Joins Wofford Terriers’ Pack

In the environment in which club volleyball exists now, it is not often that you get players who stick with one club their entire club volleyball careers. Fortunately at Team Indiana, we frequently have these players and are always very excited…
carly mills IU

Carly Mills Joins Big Ten In Choosing Indiana

Indiana University volleyball has started their fall 2018 season with a lot of hype and excitement, no doubt a function of new head coach Steve Aird’s presence. The fall 2018 season at Team Indiana has also been full of hype and excitement,…