Cowgur Claws Her Way To Birmingham-Southern


We’ve all heard the phrase before; “there’s no place like home.” Whether or not you have ruby slippers, that feeling of home can be extremely important when thinking about your next big step. When selecting a college volleyball program, that might mean being close to home so your family and friends and more easily come watch. It could also mean having that feeling of home on a college campus. For Chloe Cowgur, the feeling of home came through in every aspect at Birmingham-Southern College, making the decision to continue her academic and athletic career as a Panther even easier!

“It feels like home,” said Chloe. “When I started my search, I met with my recruiting coordinator, Michelle, and she said she saw a pattern – good program, somewhere warm.  But, it was more than that. I loved the coach and could tell she is the kind of coach who gets the most out of her players. The players were totally bought in and happy to be playing there. I knew I could do more than play volleyball and have a fun college experience. My degree will mean something to future employers. And, the campus is really pretty.”

Chloe plans to major in health sciences with a dream of being a genetics counselor. However, she is also just really excited about being at the school.

“I am excited about getting out and meeting new people,” she explained. “I want to be in a sorority. I want to be in a good sized city with fun things to do.”

There are a lot of tools out there available to help achieve a player’s recruiting goals, and Team Indiana really helps maximize those tools.

“SportsRecruits is a great website for learning about schools and getting attention from coaches, and TI helped us set that up,” said Chloe. “Michelle constantly reminded us to send emails, and her connections with coaches calling her actually led to me taking the time to put together a video and to start sending emails.  I had lots of support and encouragement.”

Her experience at TI has really prepared her for the next level, and it wasn’t always the easiest road with the most playing time that was best for her.

“Playing on the best team possible even if it meant less playing time,” she explained when explaining how she was prepared. “There were some years that I took a position where I would have to play backup or split time. Those are the years my setting has grown the most.  Playing with great players and coaches is the best way to step up your game.”

Congratulations Chloe, we could not be more proud of you! We can’t wait for you to be a member of the BSC Panthers next season. Any player interested in college playing opportunities or discussing options should contact recruiting coordinator, Michelle Coleman (