michaela eells

Michaela Eells Thunders Her Way To Trine


No two paths to playing college volleyball are the same. There are many variables that come in to play, including injury, that may divert a player from their ultimate goal. That is why it is even more rewarding to see Michaela Eells achieve her dreams and commit to playing at Trine University. Congratulations Michaela!

Michaela made her college decision based on a few factors, one of which was proximity.

“I chose Trine because the academic program fits well with my needs,” explained Eells. “The volleyball program (players and coaches) made me feel extremely welcome. It is also a good location, as I wanted my parents to be able to come and watch me play.”

With Trine matching her needs academically, she hopes to pursue her dream of a degree in Exercise Science while minoring in Athletic Training. This will push her toward her ultimate goal of getting a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Fortunately, she had all the help she needed along the way with the staff at TI in order to achieve her goals.

“TI helped a lot because they gave me all the tools I would need to move forward with the recruiting process and all,” said Eells. “Michelle helped me a ton with figuring out where some coaches stood with me and making sure I was sending the right information out. The level of care given from TI staff showed me that they really care about your future and if you want to play college volleyball, they will find ways to help you achieve that goal.”

She feels very well-prepared for her college experience through the level of competition and the training that she has received from TI. However, she isn’t just excited about the next journey of her volleyball career.

“I am most excited about meeting new people and being able to take one step closer to my future and career goals,” she said.

Congratulations Michaela! We couldn’t be more proud of your achievement. Any player interested in college playing opportunities or discussing options should contact recruiting coordinator, Michelle Coleman (michelle@teamindianavolleyball.com). Anyone with any other questions about Team Indiana should contact club director, Brian Murray (brian@teamindianavolleyball.com).