The Nates Clinics

We understand the rigorous schedules that are becoming more and more common amongst high schools in the area during the summer. This can cause some anxiety, more desire for lessons, and less time for skill development. We wanted to provide an opportunity for HIGH SCHOOL-AGED PLAYERS ONLY to come get some work in and learn in a group setting with low pressure, high repetitions, and a focus on skill development. This environment can help ease some of the go, go, go attitude that we are seeing as well as address some of the potential lesson opportunities that players are looking for. So, join us!

Nate Berg (18.1 Asst.) and Nate Torvik (17.1 Head Coach) will be doing skills clinics for high school level players! These clinics will be two hours long. These will be open to both current TI players and players that have never been in the gym before! We want to make sure we can offer training to anyone who just wants to get better.

Hour One: Defense | Blocking

Hour Two: Serve Receive | Offense | Setting

The clinic dates will be:

Sunday, July 14 from 6-8pm.
Sunday, July 21 from 6-8pm.
Sunday, July 28 from 6-8pm.
Sunday, August 4 from 6-8pm.

We will be charging $20/player/hour for their selected skill or skills.

Fill out the form below. Make sure you select which skill you are wanting to go for. We will have this open to groups of around 15-20 per skill per hour. So if you are a hitter wanting to work on blocking and offense, you will need to make sure to select both and commit to both hours. If you want to work on defense as a hitter during the blocking hour, you can split time with both. Setters as well.

Select the date or dates you want to participate in. Once we have hit our numbers, we will try to work players in as we can, but we can’t make any promises! Just make sure you reach out to us and see if we’re able to work it. We will keep a record of the order and let families/players know if we are able to get them in.

Nate Torvik
Nate Torvik
Nate Berg
Nate Berg