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The Schedule for the week of January 13 is as follows:
  • Monday 5:00 – 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday 7:30 9:00 pm
  • Friday  13/14’s 7-8 speed and agility,  8-9 team concept drills • 15/16 7-8 team concept drills, 8-9 speed and agility

Please bare with us we are working with multiple sport athletes, CYO, just students in general who do other things outside of Volleyball. This makes it difficult to put teams together when players are only available 1 day of the week. For those who are able to make it to all 3 thank you your daughter is getting the benefit of more touches on the ball and that is a positive however I understand it can be inconvenient for those who weren’t expecting to invest 3 days a week. It will only be this week.

This week you will be seeing us putting together combinations of players moving them around as we see which combinations work well together.

CLARIFICATIONS: Speed and Agility is strongly suggested but NOT Mandatory.
Understanding the purpose:
DS/Libero(passers): speed and agility works on reaction and quick body movement  to a ball. This enables a player to Mechanically do what she is being taught to do positionally. If a player can’t physically get to a ball it defeats the purpose of teaching proper Centerline mechanics.
Hitters: speed and agility works on being explosive to the ball, creates muscle memory,  maximum Vertical jump in both blocking and hitting, and teaches  hitters/ blockers how important being reactive is.
Setters: Speed and Agility is key for a setter. A well conditioned setter is imperative to our game if the score to a game is 25-15 that means when running a 5/1( one setter) a setter has touched the ball at least 40 times in one set that doesn’t even include multiple rallies during 1 pt. A setter on an average touches the ball 75 times per set. Mechanically if a setter isn’t quick enough to get to the ball , the setter  cannot square to their hitters to put hitters in position for success.
Once again speed and agility is Not Mandatory

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Date Tournament Location
1/26/2020 Winterfest Indianapolis, IN
2/8/2020 lncrediplex Clash Indianapolis, IN
2/15-16/2020 TI Presidents Day Tourney Indianapolis, IN
2/29/2020 lncrediplex Clash Indianapolis, IN
3/14/2020 Shamrock Showdown Indianapolis, IN