Team Indiana is excited to announce an additional offering for our families!  In addition to the recruiting assistance we have provided since 2005 we have partnered with Targeted Career Solutions (TCS) to help our student-athletes learn more about their interests and natural tendencies.  TCS will also offer career counseling services and assessments at a reduced rate to Team Indiana families.  Our goal is to help all of our athletes find the perfect college fit on and off the court.

Student athletes who have a desire to play volleyball in college not only need to find the right volleyball program and coach but most importantly need to know what they would like to study in college and life after volleyball. We believe these tools will create a balanced decision when selecting a college and will strengthen the best “match” for the placement of our players.  Targeted Career Solutions will help our student-athletes learn more about their interests and natural tendencies so they can make better decisions on their intended majors and/or college choice.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished over the last 11 years in assisting our athletes thru the college recruiting process.  100% of our seniors have had the opportunity to play volleyball in college if they have chosen that path and now we are enhancing that offering by partnering with Targeted Career Solutions. This is beneficial service for all of our athletes including those not pursuing a collegiate volleyball career.

For additional information on Targeted Career Solutions including services and pricing, please complete the form on the right.