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Facility Solutions Group, (FSG) is one of the nation’s largest single-source providers of lighting and electrical products, electrical services, electrical construction, and energy management solutions. With a successful 34 year history of serving customers FSG develops, designs, markets, sells and supports all types of lighting, electrical, control, and energy-saving products and services.

The company’s products and services enable customers to build, maintain, expand or upgrade their facility infrastructures, in scenarios ranging from new construction to remodels to ongoing operations.
FSG customers include large property owners and managers, commercial businesses, retail chains, general contractors, property developers, healthcare, financial, hospitality, educational, government entities, ESCO’s, industrial, and high end residential as well as individual consumers.

FSG’s 2,200 dedicated employees support the company’s business in all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. In 2015, FSG’s revenues were in excess of $465 million, ranking it among the top two percent nationally in both wholesale distribution and electrical contracting fields.

Specialties: Lighting, Electrical, Energy, Technology, National Accounts, Signs

Website: http://www.fsgi.com

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  • IVM offers automated solutions to assist clients in controlling their internal distribution of products to their employees for items such as PPE Products, MRO Products, IT Products, Office Supplies, EMS Products, etc.
  • Our Automated Asset distribution systems also help our clients maintain safety compliance while changing the behavioral habits of their employees.
  • Our Automated Asset Distribution solutions are truly turn-key with complete project management.
  • IVM provides on-site training for our clients and their employees.
  • IVM offers a 100% warranty for as long as our equipment is in place.
  • IVM provides on-site service and repair as needed.
  • IVM provides cellular connectivity eliminating the involvement of client IT infrastructure and staff.

Website: http://www.ivminc.com/

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A Company Built to Deliver The Right Result
Storage Solutions exists to give engineers and managers of warehouses and distribution centers a partner they can count on to get their projects done right and help them maintain their facilities. The only way to ensure reliability is to offer our customers control.

Whether your project is two thousand square feet or two million, our team is equipped with the right expertise and experience to help you get it done.

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