pardon our musk

Pardon Our Musk: A Letter

Dear volleyball community and TI families,

To all those who have left reviews, talked about, thought about, or strongly considered the fact that our facility doesn’t smell like potpourri, daisies, rainbows, or unicorns, we wanted to apologize. It hasn’t always been this way.

Since opening its doors in 2004, Team Indiana has had tens of thousands of sweaty, hard working, highly competitive athletes come through our doors. Over time, things have kind of started to smell. We tried to keep these athletes away, knowing that if they continued to show up, the smell would likely get worse. We warned them of the building smell, but for some reason they keep coming back year after year! Some cite the fact that we have a great coaching staff that helps them improve every season. Others talk about the level of play and practice in the gym. Some talk about our recruiting, our family atmosphere, and more. We tell them it smells, but they just keep coming!

The older the building gets, the more likely the smell is to continue to become part of the fabric of the walls, the courts, and the building itself. So we apologize, but we don’t foresee the smell going away. As long as our athletes keep coming, teams continue travel from all over to play in our facility, and the building still stands, it will probably smell.

Thank you to all of our athletes over the years, all of the teams that have brought a high level of competition to our gym, all of the outstanding coaches, parents, and everyone else. You’ve all contributed to that smell; our musk if you will. We will still be here if you keep coming. And so will the smell.