Team Indiana Families,

It’s that time of year again, the time where rumors start to ramp up and people begin talking about next year.  I’ve been made aware that there have been some rumors going around about my sale of Superior Distribution and I wanted to take a few minutes and provide you the truth about the sale and what effect it has on Team Indiana, now and in the future.  First, and most importantly, Team Indiana and Superior Distribution are two separate companies.  In March I sold Superior Distribution to Gustave Larsen, the 6th largest HVAC company in the United States.  Although I sold the company to them, I still serve as the General Manager of the company managing their East Central Region.   This sale, and my new role with Gustave will create no change to Team Indiana, and my involvement with Team Indiana remains the same.

In regards to Team Indiana, 2015 has been a record year for us!  We have a record number of athletes, teams, coaches, court space, and tournament participation.  Our partnership with the Incrediplex has been mutually beneficial and we plan to continue and enhance our offering even more in 2016!  We have already started planning for next year and look forward to continuing to grow while providing an experience that is second to none!  We are very proud of our 11 years thus far and are even more excited to about the next 11 and beyond!

We appreciate your loyalty to Team Indiana and look forward to training your athlete(s) for years to come!

Kevin Kelley
Team Indiana Owner