Mya Whaley Commits to Evansville

Every year, Team Indiana Volleyball helps more players find their dream colleges and universities to play for so that they can continue their academic and athletic careers. It is something that we pride ourselves in, with a 100% placement rate. Mya Whaley, a recent commit who is in her first year at Team Indiana (TI), went through a lot of options, hours of travel, and some overall frustration to find the perfect spot.

“I would not be recruited to my college without TI,” said Whaley. “I came from a club that offered very limited recruiting assistance to a club that had an extremely hardworking recruiting coordinator who was willing to help me reach my goals. Before TI, I had about five schools looking at me and did not feel I had found the perfect fit. I was at TI for less than a month before I got another 10 to 15 potential opportunities, but found a perfect fit and committed through their showcase and recruiting assistance.”

Whaley chose the University of Evansville in Evansville, IN. TI has sent other athletes to Evansville, including Elena Redmond and Lauren Murray recently, and Whaley felt like she finally found a fit with their volleyball program and their school.

“I made my college decision by going on as many visits as possible until I found the college that felt like was “the one” and committed there,” explained Whaley. “You have to give all schools that fit your academic goals a chance, even if they don’t fit your athletic goals.”

Picking the ideal school is a difficult decision for any athlete. Having many conversations with your parents, discussing with your recruiting coordinator, talking with teammates, visiting schools, talking to coaches, and all the while focusing on your schoolwork and keeping your grades up is no easy task. Fortunately, volleyball players are historically some of the most intelligent athletes out there and are often prepared for college.

“This might not make sense, but having experience balancing a lot of homework from AP and DC classes and practicing a lot of volleyball will prepare me for college because I will be ready for even more homework and even more volleyball,” said Whaley.

If you want to play in college, start small. Attend recruiting seminars, get your profiles updated, and focus on the work in front of you. When you’re ready to take the next big step, the team and Team Indiana will be ready to help open up your opportunities, just like they did for Whaley.

Anyone interested in college opportunities or discussing options, contact recruiting coordinator Michelle Coleman ( We are extremely excited to watch Mya play in college and follow her career. Congratulations Mya!