Frosh 59

Corsaro and Moretton Make Frosh 59 List!

Congratulations are in order for a few Team Indiana volleyball players who made the Frosh 59 list from! Congratulations to two members of our Elite 15-1 team members, Allie Moretton and Lucia Corsaro on representing their school and Team Indiana on this list as special mention and honorable mention, respectively.

In November of 2017, sent out word to high school and club coaches across the land that they were looking for the best high school freshmen in the United States. Unlike the Senior Aces and Top 50 Juniors, which are recruiting lists, this is a high school list, based exclusively on the players’ accomplishments at the varsity prep level.

To be considered for this list, these freshman needed to be varsity starters and one of the top talents in their area during the fall season. There are many very fine players not on this list because they played exclusively on the junior varsity, were bench players for national powers, or because their coaches t chose not to submit someone who wasn’t yet a “top talent in the area.”

We are extremely proud of ALL of the freshman athletes that are a part of Team Indiana The Frosh 59 comprises the top varsity achievements, as determined by, of freshmen in 2017, with almost 250 additional freshman standouts finding homes in the Highest Honorable Mention, Special Mention and Honorable Mention categories. Congratulations again, Lucia and Allie!