crush it during tryouts

7 Ways To Crush It During Tryouts

This time of year for club volleyball players is often full of stress and anxiety. Where should I play club? Should I play on that 2s or 3s team? How do I feel about these players? What about my college recruitment? Do I like that coach? The list of questions can go on and on and become overwhelming. However, let’s focus on tryout day. What can you do to crush it at your volleyball tryouts?

Be Coachable

How do you respond to feedback and direction? This is a crucial part of any tryout, because the interaction with a coaching staff can give them an indication of how you will respond during the season. Make sure you respond positively, carry yourself well, ask appropriate questions, and make every attempt to make changes on your next rep!

Stay Positive and Encouraging

Coaches love watching players who love to play the game. If you’re a player who often gets frustrated and down on themselves, it can send a bad signal to coaches. If you get on other players, that is yet another bad signal. Stay positive and encouraging to those around you and show coaches that you want to be there! Smile and have some fun!

Show You’re A Leader

Do they need a volunteer for your favorite drill? Does someone need to lead stretches? What about breaking down the huddle? Step up and be the first in line. Lead by example and don’t be a bystander. When a coach needs a leader at match point during the season, show them that you’re a player they can turn to.

Stay Focused

There’s no need to look at your cell phone during water breaks, you don’t need to talk to all of your friends while drills are going on. Show coaches that you’re focused on the job at hand and be ready to go for the entire tryout!

Show Respect

To everyone! When a coach is talking, make sure you close your mouth and open your ears. When the player next to you makes an error, be supportive and encouraging, not negative and critical. They’re trying out, too!

Be Flexible

You’re a DS and they need someone to quickly hit on the outside? You’re a setter and they need someone to fill in at middle? Be helpful and flexible, show off some versatility! They know what position you’re trying out for, but you can show that you’re a great team player and willing to step into any role to help out!

Finish Every Play

Try not to walk through free balls, get to a ball late, and just generally play lazy volleyball. It’s a TRYOUT. You have to TRY! Finish every play until the ball is down or you move onto the next drill. Coaches will notice your effort and desire.

Bonus: Don’t wear a rival club or team’s gear to any tryout, open gym, clinic, etc… You don’t want to give off a vibe that you’re not actually interested in the club you’re at!