Elite Training Program (11U-14U)

Elite Program (11-14U) Tidbits
  • Free Clinics begin in September (RSVP required)
  • Tryouts are held October 20-23 (Registration required)
  • Elite 11s/12s Fees:  6 monthly installments of $270 (due last day of the month – December – May)
  • Elite 13s Fees:  6 monthly installments of $390 (due last day of the month – December – May)
  • Elite 14s / Elite 13.1 Fees:  6 monthly installments of $450 (due last day of the month – December – May)
  • Required Parent/Athlete meeting on Thursday, October 24
  • Teams will practice 3 times and up to 6 hours a week pending tournament schedule.
  • Practices will begin in December
  • Teams will participate in 8-10 tournaments throughout the season.  Travel will vary by team.
  • Most teams conclude the season at AAU National Championships in Orlando mid-June.  If you are looking for a shorter season check out our Regional Training Program.
  • Player Pack includes kneepads, spandex, socks, backpack, 3 jerseys, pants & crew sweathshirt
Why #TINation?
  • We support multi-sport athletes.
  • Positional training is included into all weekday practices.
  • Educate #TINation about the Recruiting Rules and changes
Hear from #TINation

“My daughter completed 6 seasons and her entire club career at TI and we have no regrets. We are often asked why we stayed and honestly it’s the people and the coaches. We appreciated the family feel as well as the coordination of getting through the recruiting process. Yes, people complain parking isn’t the best but I haven’t been to a tournament outside of a convention center where parking was ideal so it’s just part of it in my mind. I always recommend and will always recommend TI. They treated my family well and I will always be thankful for that.”

— Celina Matthews, mother of Lauren Matthews (Lawrence North Class of 2018, Western Kentucky University)

“Being a new parent in the TI family I was overwhelmed with the past weekend. I’m excited for my daughter being around all of the strong young women I saw this weekend compete. I found myself walking around and watching the other TI teams. Being welcome into this volleyball world with open arms was nice. I played sports in high school & college and I know how important team and family is in competing. I felt that this weekend and I don’t really know anyone. Even though my girls team didn’t win a match she was very positive and up for the coming challenges. All the girls were and they improved game by game. I just wanted to thank all the coaches and the older girls setting such a great example for my daughter.

— Guy Holbert, father of Gracie Holbert (12 Navy)

Is there anything prior to tryouts our athlete can attend?

Yes, Team Indiana hosts free clinics for ages 8-14 prior to tryouts.  This is a free of charge opportunity for players to come in and participate in a few drill and scrimmage situations.  Each clinic will be run by Team Indiana staff.  Athletes will need to complete the online RSVP & waiver to participate.    Coaches and staff are always available to answer questions.   The complete tryout schedule, including open houses and information night, can be found on the tryout information page.

What are tryouts like?

Tryouts will consist of physical testing, skill testing and game situations. Each age division tryout will be different based on needs and number of athletes trying out. Team Indiana’s tryout process is different than several area clubs in the fact that we do not give out offers or bids. We assume that every player going through tryouts wants to participate at Team Indiana. At the conclusion of the last “tryout” the coaches will inform the athletes of the the date and time of the preseason team meeting.

Can a player who did not play at Team Indiana in the 2018 club season have a fair shot at making a top team?

Absolutely! Each girl has an equal opportunity to make a top team! While we like to keep core groups together, we are always looking to improve the overall talent. Bottom line…if your daughter deserves to make a top team, she will.

Are parents allowed to watch our tryout process?

Absolutely! Parents are welcomed to attend any and all tryout sessions, however, we require them to stay in the mezzanine during tryouts. We do ask that you make every effort to not distract the participants or our coaching staff. Please note that at all times only tryout participants and our coaching staff are allowed on the courts.