10 & Under Training Program

Team Indiana Volleyball offers teams for athletes 10 and under. In the past few years we have had multiple 10u teams, one of which that is dedicated to athletes 8 years and younger. We also offer FREE clinics leading into the season. These clinics are designed for young athletes to learn about movement, understanding the basic skills of volleyball, as well as simple motor skills that are used in our sport.

What are tryouts like?

Tryouts will consist of physical testing, skill testing and game situations. Each age division tryout will be different based on needs and number of athletes trying out. Team Indiana’s tryout process is different than several area clubs in the fact that we do not give out offers or bids. We assume that every player going through tryouts wants to participate at Team Indiana.  At the conclusion of the last “tryout” the coaches will inform the athletes of the the date and time of the preseason team meeting.

Are parents allowed to watch our tryout process?

Absolutely! Parents are welcomed to attend any and all tryout sessions, however, we require them to stay in the mezzanine during tryouts. We do ask that you make every effort to not distract the participants or our coaching staff. Please note that at all times only tryout participants and our coaching staff are allowed on the courts.

Is there anything prior to tryouts our athlete can attend?

Yes, Team Indiana hosts free clinics for ages 8-14 prior to tryouts.  This is a free of charge opportunity for players to come in and participate in a few drill and scrimmage situations.  Each clinic will be run by Team Indiana staff.  Athletes will need to complete the online RSVP & waiver to participate.    Coaches and staff are always available to answer questions.   The complete tryout schedule, including open houses and information night, can be found on the tryout information page.

10 & Under Program Tidbits
  • Free Clinics begin in October (RSVP required)
  • 10 & under “tryouts” begin October 20 (Registration Required)
  • Fees: 4 monthly installments of $140 (due last day of the month – December – March)
  • Practices will be 2 times per week for 90 minutes in duration (Mon-Fri 5:30-7:00) at Incrediplex or TI
  • Practices will be  January – March (end at Shamrock Showdown Tournament)
  • Set Practice Schedule for entirety of the season
  • Athletes will participate in 3-4 one day tournaments
  • Practice Pack includes spandex, socks, backpack, 2 jerseys & crew
  • Volleyball skill plus functional movement
  • Athletes will be taught proper form in the following areas:
    • Passing (hand placement, platform body position, footwork)
    • Serving (contact point, ball toss, overhand and underhand)
    • Setting (hand position, footwork)
    • Hitting Arm swing and Gather Steps
  • Differences between Serve Reception and Defense
  • How to Rotate
  • Functional Movement in Volleyball
    • Shuffling
    • How to jump and land correctly
    • Proper throwing technique